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* Where is KYRGYZSTAN Located? [Kyrgyzstan Map]

Where is Kyrgyzstan Located?
Map of KYRGYZSTAN Location … Where is Kyrgyzstan in the World?

Where is KYRGYZSTAN located on the map?

Kyrgyzstan is a Central Asian country, bordered by China to the east and south-east, Kazakhstan to the north, Uzbekistan to the west and Tajikistan to the southwest. Covering an area of 198,500 km2, the country is totally landlocked and has no access to the sea, even close.

The cities of Kyrgyzstan are located in the lowest areas of the country. In the north, the capital Bishkek is still 800 m above sea level. In the south-west, the other settlement center in the Fergana Valley, are the cities of Osh and Jalal-Abad, as well as the lowest point of Kyrgyzstan, the Kara-Daria valley, 132 m altitude.

Where is the country of KYRGYZSTAN situated?

Kyrgyzstan Map
Detailed map of KYRGYZSTAN … Where exactly is Kyrgyzstan located?

The country is almost totally mountainous; to the east, the Tien Shan chain marks the border with China and peaks at 7,439 at Pobedy Peak (“Victory” in Russian), which is also the highest point in the country. In the West, the chains of Ferghana (in the North) and Pamir Alay (in the South) grip the Fergana Valley (common in Kyrgyzstan, Uzbekistan and Tajikistan). The chain of Pamir Alay culminates in Lenin Peak at 7,134 m.

These mountainous areas divide the country in two, North and South; these two parts communicate only by passes at least 2,700 m above sea level.

In the East, Lake Yssik Kul forms a small inland sea of 6,332 km2 at 1,620 m altitude, the second largest mountain lake in the world (after Lake Titicaca). Deep 702 m, the lake is slightly salty and does not freeze in winter.

The climate of Kyrgyzstan is generally arid continental, and even polar in the highest parts of Tien Shan. In the Ferghana Valley in the southwest, the climate is subtropical. In the North, in the lower areas (like Bishkek), the climate is temperate. Throughout the country, given the altitude, the thermometer seldom exceeds 25 ° in summer, but precipitation is missing throughout the year. Periods of drought are frequent, and it is possible that precipitation may be at its lowest, for example over a period of 3 years.

The nomadic traditions and culture of Kyrgyzstan are strong. Forbidden during the time of the USSR, they quickly reappeared after independence.

It is a semi-nomadic way of life that is now adopted by many families. In winter, they live in houses. In the summer, they climb in the djailoos, high altitude camps where they graze their animals. Kyrgyzstan is distinguished by its high and narrow yurts planted in nature, far from any modern civilization.

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