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Hiking around SAINT CROIX USVI
Hiking around SAINT CROIX USVI

# Hike SAINT CROIX Island

Hike St. Croix, USVI

Trumbull Trail, North Shore

Six months post Hurricane Maria, my parents decide to sell their home in California and move full time to the island of St. Croix in the U.S. Virgin Islands.

Scott and I helped with some of the details of their move and so were able to enjoy a bit of island time. Hike St. Croix was at the top of our to-do list.

Hike St. Croix

Trumbull Trail

We love to hike and explore any new destination we visit. The Trumbull Trail came up on our search online for a nearby trail on the North Shore of the island.

The instructions directed us to park above the Carambola resort in one of two parking lots. At first, we couldn’t find the actual trailhead but eventually found the single track trail just above the lot which went off into the jungle.

Narrow Pathway

The trail is single track most of the way and skirts the edge of the resort. There isn’t a huge elevation gain, but enough to see gorgeous Caribbean views at one point. The trail has many exposed tree roots in places, but that was it as far as hazards. We were thankful for the shade provided by the jungle, it was a warm and humid day. It’s a trail you will want to bring water with you to stay hydrated.

Hike St. Croix

Pure Nature

We hiked in early March and there were butterflies everywhere. There was a mystical feeling as we walked and butterflies flew up all around us.

Nature impressed us as we discovered a tree covered in thorns from top to bottom.

Hike St. Croix

Wills Bay

The trail is 2.7 miles long and after about 45 minutes we arrived at Wills Bay. It’s a small bay with rough water and a beach strewn with rock and coral. What a picturesque spot! Scott and I were all alone and it was a relief not to see crowds.

Hike St. Croix

Annaly Bay Tide Pools

To the far left of the bay as you gaze at the Caribean Sea is a rock outcrop. Around the corner is the Annaly Bay Tide Pools. They are a natural swimming pool formation, protected by rocks from the rough ocean waves. We knew it was supposed to be precarious to get to as you need to climb up and around the sharp slippery rocks.

Due to the wind of the last few days, the ocean was especially rough. Scott climbed to the point and analyzed our options for getting around and over to the tide pools. We decided it was a bad idea and the tide was too high. Plus, we were unsure of the route.

Hike St. Croix

The Trail Back

We ended up hiking back and stopped every so often to take pictures. It was such an enjoyable hike and hopefully, next time we make it out to the tide pools.

Lucky for us, Cane Bay is just a few minutes drive away and we were able to relax at one of the beach bars and enjoy a cocktail.

Scott and I were glad to hike St Croix and see for ourselves how it recovered after the hurricane. The trail was completely intact and in great condition.

To read about our snorkel trip to Buck Island, just off of St. Croix, please click here.

St. Croix Hiking



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