* Where is UZBEKISTAN Located? [Uzbekistan Map]

Where is Uzbekistan Located?

Where is UZBEKISTAN located on the map?

Uzbekistan, in long form the Republic of Uzbekistan, is a country of Central Asia of more than 31 million inhabitants (2015 ), former Soviet republic, independent state since 31 August 1991, surrounded by Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan, Afghanistan and Turkmenistan. Its capital is Tashkent, metropolis of 2.7 million inhabitants (2007). Uzbekistan is situated in Central Asia.

With an area of 447,000 km2, shared between the desert plains, basins and oases and dominated to the east by the mountains. Bordering south-west of Turkmenistan, Kazakhstan and the Aral Sea in the north, Tajikistan and Kyrgyzstan in the east. Uzbekistan is not only one of the largest states in Central Asia, is also the only one with a common border with the other four. Uzbekistan also shares a border with Afghanistan to the south.

Uzbekistan is an essentially desert country where only 10% of the land is managed by man (intensive agricultural crops and irrigated valleys). Kyzyl-Kum, one of the most extensive deserts in Central Asia, covers a large part of the territory of western Uzbekistan. Part of the Karakum desert also crosses the country to the southwest.

Amu Darya and Syr Darya are the most important rivers of Uzbekistan and Central Asia and flow into the Aral Sea. The total length of the Amu Darya is 1437 km, that of the Syr Darya is 2 137 km. To the north-east and south extend the chains of Tian Shan and Hissar-Alai. The highest peaks in the country are the Khazret Sultan, located on the border between Uzbekistan and Tajikistan at 4,643 m altitude and Mount Adelung which rises to 4,301 m.

The climate is continental, dry and very contrasting, relatively cold in winter (down to -10 ° C in some areas), very hot in summer (35 to 40 ° C or more). The winter of 2007-08 was one of the coldest in the country with temperatures reaching -30 ° C, unheard of for forty years in a region with mild winters.

The Aral Sea, shared between Uzbekistan and Kazakhstan, has suffered a dramatic decrease since the 1960s, a situation that now represents a real ecological disaster for the region. Between 1960, when it covered 68,000 km2, and 2000, its area was halved. Current trends suggest the total disappearance of the Aral Sea by 2025. This is mainly due to permanent water withdrawal to irrigate cotton crops.

Where is Uzbekistan situated? Uzbekistan is situated in Central Asia . Its neighbors are Kazakhstan in the north, Kyrgyzstan and Tajikistan in the east, Turkmenistan in the southwest and Afghanistan in the south. It is one of the largest country in Central Asia, and is the only one to have borders with all the countries in this region.

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