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# Part Time Travel vs Home Life

Caye Caulker, Belize

I read so many popular travel blogs by people in their 20’s and 30’s and am amazed at how many have skills and can work as they travel!  They have no ties to back home.  They don’t own a house, a pet or have children in college.  They have careers that allow them to be mobile.

I was thinking about how I love to travel and trying to find that balance in my life.

My husband and I own a small company and have two daughters in college.  We love to travel several times a year.

One challenge we face is trying to save enough money to travel as well as saving enough to pay bills when we return from a trip.  It is necessary so we can keep everything running smoothly at home. We have found that saving a little bit of money regularly is the best for us.  It allows us to have a continuous fund for trips.  Any money left over from a trip starts the next savings.


Another challenge we face is leaving the house, dog and chickens.  What if we have a plumbing leak?  What if all my house plants die?  What if a bear breaks into the chicken coop or garage?  This happens!  Lucky for us,  my parents are over often and can help take care of everything, as well as one of our daughters who lives at home while going to college.  We can travel safely knowing everything is taken care of.  It’s such a relief to have this peace of mind while we are away.

One nice thing about starting my Backpacking Detours Travel Blog, is that I have the opportunity and excuse to travel more and my husband can keep working and take care of the house.  I’m sure that sounds funny, but he knows I will be happier traveling more often!


A great part of exploring new cultures is the appreciation it brings for life when we return home.  We live in a fun area in the mountains of Northern California.  It has so much to offer and we take full advantage!  We spend a lot of time at Lake Tahoe, we go camping, wine tasting and hiking.  By traveling to other places it helps us appreciate where we are from.

How do you handle leaving home often?  Do you have these same issues?


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