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* Where is SLOVAKIA Located? [Slovakia Map]

Where is Slovakia Located?
Map of SLOVAKIA Location … Where is Where is Slovakia in the World?

Where is SLOVAKIA located on the map?

Slovakia, in long form the Slovak Republic, is a central European country bordering the Czech Republic to the north-west, Poland to the north, Ukraine to the east, Hungary to the south and Austria to the southwest. The main reasons to visit Slovakia are the beauty of its nature, a living history and great opportunities for relaxation and because of the small size of the country, it is quite easy to combine the three.

Slovakia has nine national parks, which cover a relatively large part of the country and comprise the highest part of the Carpathian mountain range, the High Tatras, which offer great opportunities for mountain hiking and winter sports. Geologically, a significant part of Slovakia is made of limestone, which, in combination with many springs and rivers has given rise to the formation of many caves, many of which are World Heritage by UNESCO and beautiful rock formations, the canyons and waterfalls of the Slovak Paradise and the Slovak Karst. Even outside these areas, there are some beautiful landscapes, and all of Slovakia is covered by thousands of marked hiking trails.

For history buffs, Slovakia has the largest number of castles and per capita in the world, ranging from simple ruins to well-preserved and furnished dwellings, so if you’re a fan of medieval history, look no further further. There are also many towns and villages with Gothic and Baroque architecture throughout Slovakia, including the capital. There are also well-preserved examples of popular wooden architecture, including churches built entirely of wood and the largest wooden altarpiece in the world.

There are many hot springs and mineral springs in Slovakia, and around some of these world-famous baths offer healing therapies or simple relaxation stays. You can also relax, swim and sunbathe on the shores of several local lakes and pools or try one of the Aquacity water parks. In particular, Bratislava enjoys a lively nightlife as well and is a popular destination for partying.

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