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* Where is SOUTH AFRICA Located in AFRICA? [South Africa Map]

Where is South Africa Located?
Map of SOUTH AFRICA Location … Where is South Africa in the World?

Where is SOUTH AFRICA located on the map?

South Africa is a country in southern Africa, the southernmost of the continent, a member of the Commonwealth.

South Africa is bounded to the north by Namibia, Botswana, Zimbabwe, Mozambique and Swaziland. Its eastern and southern coasts are bathed by the Indian Ocean, while its western coast overlooks the Atlantic Ocean. Lesotho forms an enclave in the east of the country.

The territory of South Africa covers 1,219,090 km². Located south of the Tropic of Capricorn, the country has a simple relief. Thus, a high and vast plateau (veld), covering about two-thirds of the country, rises on its borders in a Great Escarpment which separates the plateau of the shallow littoral zones and which forms, in the south-east, the mountain range of Drakensberg consisting of basaltic lavas and culminating at 3,482 m with the Thabana-Ntlenyana. The South African plateau is largely constituted by the highveld, with a tabular relief, situated between 1200 m and 1800 m of altitude.

Where is the country of SOUTH AFRICA situated?

South Africa Map
Detailed map of SOUTH AFRICA … Where exactly is South Africa located?

On its northwest fringes, the plateau lowers, forming basins, and opens on the Kalahari Desert, on that of the Namib, and on low plateaus where flow the Orange River as well as other courses of water.

Rainfall decreases as they progress westward. Two-thirds of the country receives less than 500 mm of rain a year. Natal is a good example of a region with a tropical climate, hot and humid, favorable to agriculture.

In contrast, the southwestern Cape region is influenced by the western winds of the Atlantic Ocean and has a Mediterranean-like climate with dry summers and wet winters, while the Karroo laughed at. But it is mainly the deserts of Kalahari and Namib that are dominated by a semi-desert and relatively cold climate.

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