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* Where is CHINA Located? [China Map]

Where is China Located?
Map of CHINA Location … Where is China in the World?

Where is CHINA located on the map?

China is in the northern hemisphere in East Asia. China, officially named the People’s Republic of China, is a state located in Asia whose capital is Beijing (Beijing). Third country by surface with 9 596 960 km², it is the most populated country in the world with 1.3 billion inhabitants. The official language is Mandarin Chinese. China has become one of the greatest powers on the planet.

China is bounded by 15,000 km of shared land borders with 14 countries, and a coastline of 14,500 km.

Where is China located? It is bordered on the north by Russia and Mongolia; to the northeast by Russia and North Korea; to the east, by the Yellow Sea and the East China Sea; to the south, by the South China Sea, Vietnam, Laos, Burma, India, Bhutan and Nepal; in the west by Pakistan, Afghanistan and Tajikistan; to the northwest by Kyrgyzstan and Kazakhstan. China has 2,900 islands, including Hainan (33,991 km²), the largest in the South China Sea. In southeast China, separated from the mainland by the Taiwan Strait, is Taiwan, claimed by China as the country’s 23rd largest province.

Where is the country of CHINA situated?

China Map
Detailed map of CHINA … Where exactly is China located?

The Chinese local government is organized around three main levels. The first, immediately below the central government, includes 22 provinces (Shaanxi, Gansu, Qinghai, Hebei, Shanxi, Liaoning, Jilin, Heilongjiang, Shandong, Jiangsu, Zhejiang, Anhui, Jiangxi, Fujian, Henan, Hubei, Hunan, Guangdong, Sichuan, Guizhou, Yunnan and Hainan), as well as Taiwan, claimed as 23rd province, 5 autonomous regions (Inner Mongolia, Guangxi, Tibet, Ningxia, Xinjiang), established between 1947 and 1965, and 4 municipalities directly subordinate to the authority Central: Beijing, Shanghai, Tianjin and Chongging. As for the territory of Hong Kong, since its return to China (1 July 1997), it has had the status of a special administrative region. The second level includes prefectures (sometimes called departments), districts and municipalities. The third is that of cantons and towns.

Shanghai is the largest city in the country, as well as the first port of China and the sixth most populous metropolis in the world. Beijing, the country’s political capital, the second largest city in China and the eighth largest metropolis in the world. Then come, still with their agglomeration, Tianjin, outer-harbor of Peking, at the confluence of the Huai and the Grand Canal; Shenyang; Wuhan, a river port at the confluence of Han Shui and Yangtze-kiang; Guangzhou, a large seaport at the mouth of Zhu Jiang; Chongqing; Chengdu; Xi’an; Jinan; Changchun; Nankeen.

The People’s Republic of China is the third largest nation in the world (after Russia and Canada) and the largest in population. The total area of ​​the country is about 9,571,300 km². A true continental state, China extends between 18 ° and 54 ° north latitude, and between 74 ° and 135 ° east longitude. This huge, crescent-shaped country stretches for a maximum length of 5,200 km from east to west and reaches a width of 5,500 km from north to south. Such a longitudinal and latitudinal extension explains the great diversity of natural environments. Most of the country has mountainous terrain: 84% of the population is mountainous. 100% of the territory is over 500 m high and nearly 43% 100 to more than 2,000 m. The trays occupy 26 p. 100 of the country’s area; basins, generally rugged and located in arid regions, about 19 percent 100; the plains cover only 12 percent. 100 of the territory.

The country presents a relief layer, the altitude lowering, by successive steps, from west to east, until the sea. The highest reliefs are in the western part of the country (Tibet, Xinjiang) where some of the highest mountain ranges in the world are located: eastern Tian Shan and Altai northwest; Pamir and Karakorum in the far west; the Kunlun Mountains in the center; the Himalayas to the southwest. Most show an east-west orientation. In this area, nearly 45,000 glaciers occupying 58,000 km2 have been identified.

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