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* Where is KUWAIT Located? [Kuwait Map]

Where is Kuwait Located?
Map of KUWAIT Location … Where is Where is Kuwait in the World?

Where is KUWAIT located on the map?

Kuwait, is a state located in the Middle East, north of the Arabian Peninsula, on the Persian Gulf. Its neighbors are Saudi Arabia and Iraq and its independence was proclaimed on June 19, 1961.

Kuwait is a major oil producer and is a member of OPEC. The capital of Kuwait is the city of Kuwait. The country has no rivers or lakes; its only source of water is the Persian Gulf.

Kuwait’s 90 percent of government revenue comes from oil, and the country plans to invest more than $ 40 billion over the next 15 years to modernize its facilities in the oil industry. The rest of the public revenue comes from a few gas wells. The country is in fifth place in the list of OPEC producers during the decade 2010, behind Saudi Arabia and Iraq, Iran and the Emirates, elbow to elbow with them.

The rest, that is, fishing, the non-oil industry, and pearl sales account for less than 2% of Kuwait’s government revenue. Tourism is virtually non-existent, and expatriates living in Kuwait are working in the petroleum industry near and far. In addition, the coast is very polluted, and is often very rocky. Coral was very damaged when oil was poured by the Iraqis in 1991, in full defeat military, which compromises all seaside tourism.

There are five ports in Kuwait, including three oil terminals. Kuwait is very poor in groundwater, almost nonexistent. The country resorts to factories that remove sea salt, or buy water abroad.

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