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* Where is NAMIBIA Located in AFRICA? [Namibia Map]

Where is Namibia Located?
Map of NAMIBIA Location … Where is Namibia in the World?

Where is NAMIBIA located on the map?

Namibia, in long form the Republic of Namibia, is a country located in southern Africa.

Formerly known as South West Africa, a German colony (1884-1915) and a protectorate of South Africa, Namibia has been an independent state since 21 March 1990. It is geographically bounded on the west by the Atlantic Ocean, to the north by Angola, to the South by South Africa, to the East by Botswana and to the Northeast by Zambia. Its easternmost limit is less than two hundred meters from the tripoint where the borders of Zimbabwe, Botswana and Zambia meet on the Zambezi River at the confluence of the Kwando River.

Its density is the lowest in Africa (second to last in the world).

Namibia is a member of the United Nations, a member of the African Union and became, in 2014, an associate observer to the Community of Portuguese-Speaking Countries (CPLP) at the Dili Summit.

Where is Namibia located in Africa? Namibia is located between Angola to the north, the Orange River and South Africa to the south, the Atlantic coast to the west, Botswana to the east with, from east to west, the Namib Desert ( the oldest desert in the world), the central plateau and the Kalahari desert.

There are four main sectors:

  • the Namib Desert and the inhospitable coastal plains along the Atlantic for about 2,000 km;
  • the central plateau, culminating at 2,606 m, where the cities are concentrated;
  • the Kalahari Desert to the east;
  • the wooded bushveld of Okavango and Caprivi, to the north.

It is extremely difficult for foreigners to obtain a work permit in Namibia. With over 50% unemployment, the government is not enthusiastic about letting people in who could take the job of the Namibians. All semi-skilled and unskilled positions must be unconditionally filled by Namibian citizens. It is possible to obtain a work permit to volunteer, even if it requires going through the same process established for the regular work permit.

The salary of an employee is normally paid in Namibian dollars and income taxes (maximum rate is 37%) are based on different income thresholds and deducted by the employer. The capital, Windhoek, is currently ranked in the 150th place of the most expensive cities in the world for expatriates.

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