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* Where is TURKEY Located? [Türkiye Map]

Where is Turkey Located?
Map of TURKEY Location … Where is Turkey in the World?

Where is TURKEY located on the map?

Turkey (Turkish Türkiye) is a country where most of the territory (96% east) is located in Asia. The rest (4% west side) is located in Europe but represents 14% of its population, more than 14.5 million people. So the country is traditionally considered as an Asian country.

Turkey is located in Asia Minor and South of the Balkans, bordered to the North by the Black Sea, to the West by the Aegean Sea, to the South by the Mediterranean Sea and Syria and to the East by Georgia, Armenia, Iran and Iraq. It has a land border with Bulgaria, Greece, Syria, Iraq, Iran, Azerbaijan, Armenia and Georgia. It has a population of 74,724,269 inhabitants (in 2012).

The European part of Turkey is located west of the Bosphorus Strait and the Dardanelles Strait. This region is called Trakya in Turkish and corresponds to the eastern part of Thrace. It corresponds to 3% of its total area, however 17% of its population lives there.

Anatolia is the part of Turkey that is geographically considered as Asia. This region is also called Asia Minor. The term Anatolia is also used to describe the semi-arid plateau of the center of the country. It is bordered by hills and mountains that limit access to fertile coastal areas.

By its position in the north-east of the Mediterranean basin, Turkey belongs, as a whole, to the Mediterranean climatic domain: winter is mild, while summer is hot and dry. However, the peripheral position of the main reliefs introduces deep disturbances into this pattern. Thus, all the interior regions are marked by continentality: colder winters, lower precipitation totals, maximum rainfall shifted towards the spring. Conversely, the Pontic region, whipped up by moist air masses over the Black Sea, receives abundant and regular rainfall.

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