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* Where is AZERBAIJAN Located? [Azerbaijan Map]

Where is Azerbaijan Located?
Map of AZERBAIJAN Location … Where is Azerbaijan in the World?

Where is AZERBAIJAN located on the map?

Azerbaijan is a West Asian country, located in Eastern Transcaucasia. In Azerbaijani the country is called Azärbaycan.

Azerbaijan (current form), also called Republic of Azerbaijan (official forms), is a country located in the Caucasus massif, straddling Europe and Asia, but traditionally considered as an Asian country .

This country was formerly a member of the USSR; he was released in 1991. His currency is the manat, his capital Baku and his official language Azeri.

Azerbaijan is bordered to the north by Russia, to the northwest by Georgia, to the west by Armenia, to the south by Iran, and to the east by the Caspian Sea. It includes the autonomous region of Nagorno-Karabakh (4,400 km2) in the west and the autonomous Nakhichevan Republic (5,500 km²) in the south-west. Located between Armenia and Iran, it is separated from the rest of Azerbaijan by a narrow stretch of Armenian territory.

Where is the country of AZERBAIJAN situated?

Azerbaijan Map
Detailed map of AZERBAIJAN … Where exactly is Azerbaijan located?

The country is divided into 59 administrative districts, 11 cities and one autonomous republic. In addition, there are 10 main economic regions listed below: Absheron, Ganja-Qazakh, Shaki-Zaqatala, Lankaran, Quba-Khachmaz, Aran, Yukhari-Karabakh, Kalbajar-Lachin, Daglig-Shirvan, Nakhchivan.

The capital, Baku, is the largest city in the country. Open port on the Caspian Sea, located near the oil fields, it carries out most of the national industrial production. Today it is the only cosmopolitan city of the Republic. The other big cities of the country, Ganja, former Kirovabad, and Sumqayit suffer from the excessive development of the capital, which accounts for almost a quarter of the total population.

Located at the eastern end of the Caucasus, the country is mountainous in its northern and western parts. To the north, the southern flank of the Greater Caucasus, culminating at 4 466 m, is the northern border of the Azerbaijan. To the south-west, the Little Caucasus Mountains, at a height of 3,500 m, outline the south-eastern border.

The country, which has a dry continental climate, is the driest part of Transcaucasia, except for the region of Lenkoran in the south, which enjoys a hot and humid tropical climate.

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