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* Where is ARMENIA Located? [Armenia Map]

Where is Armenia Located?
Map of ARMENIA Location … Where is Armenia in the World?

Where is ARMENIA located on the map?

Armenia is a West Asian country located in Transcaucasia. In Armenian the country is called Hayastan. Armenia is bordered on the north by Georgia, on the east by Azerbaijan, on the south by Iran and the Nakhichevan Autonomous Region (Azerbaijan), on the west by Turkey.

Armenia (current form) or Republic of Armenia (official form) is a country straddling Europe and Asia, more precisely in the Caucasus, between Turkey and Iran; but is considered part of geographical Europe. Its capital is Yerevan, its language is Armenian, the currency is dram.

Armenia is divided into eleven regions, the list of which is as follows: Aragatsotn, Ararat, Armavir, Yerevan, Gegharkunik, Kotayk, Lorri, Shirak, Syunik, Tavush, Vayots Dzor.

The capital, Yerevan, is also the most populous city in the country. Other major cities are Gyumri, Vanadzor, Vagharshapat, Hrazdan, Abovyan, Kapan, Armavir and Gavar.

Where is the country of ARMENIA situated?

Armenia Map
Detailed map of ARMENIA … Where exactly is Armenia located?

Armenia has an area of 29 800 km². It occupies only a northeastern portion of the Armenian Plateau. It is made up of the highlands of Little Caucasus, topped by volcanic massifs (Pambak, Gegam, Zangezur). These culminate at 4 090 m at the summit of Mount Aragatz. Nine tenths of the territory is located at more than 1000 m altitude. In the center-east of the country is the large Lake Sevan (1,244 km²), at 1,900 m altitude. Taken between the Arabic plate and the Russian continental plate, the region is frequently subjected to earthquakes.

In Armenia, the mountain ranges are very high. Nearly 90% of the territory is more than 1,000 meters high. Its highest point is Mount Ararat and its 5 160 meters until 1918; since then, Mount Ararat is in Turkey. The current highest point is Mount Aragats and its 4,090 meters. Armenia is located in the heart of an area that is highly seismic. The last great earthquake killed thirty thousand people in 1988.

The Armenian landscape is also characterized by its lakes, including Lake Sevan, a large lake of 1,262.2 km2 almost three times the size of Lake Geneva, located 60 km east of Yerevan, the capital.

The climate is continental, the vegetation is rare and still limited by deforestation.

Its human geography is characterized by its division into ten regions or marz, to which is added the capital Yerevan.

The climate is dry continental. Low rainfall and strong sunshine condition an arid environment. The Araxe Valley, the main river in the country, receives an average of less than 300 mm of water per year. The region is covered with alpine vegetation, semi-desert or steppe. The forests (beeches, oaks), victims of an intensive clearing, cover only 10% of the territory.

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