Where is Democratic Republic of the Congo Located?

Where is the DEMOCRATIC REPUBLIC OF THE CONGO located on the map?

The Democratic Republic of the Congo is bordered by the Republic of Congo to the west (they are different countries), the Central African Republic and Sudan to the north, Uganda, Rwanda, Burundi, Tanzania to the east, Zambia and Angola to South.

The country has been divided (since 2015) into 26 provinces, with one provincial capital for each.

The Democratic Republic of Congo occupies the immense basin corresponding to the basin of the river of the same name (Congo). It gives unity to the country by the size of its basin (3 820 000 km2); its flow remains constant due to inverted rain seasons in the regions above and below the equator. Its tributary, Oubangui, has its source in the north, while he and his other tributaries are born in the savannahs of the south. In the southwest, the river flows through rugged highlands before skirting the Batéké plateau. The southern rim of the basin rises to form the Shaba or Katanga plateau, 1,220 m long, which extends through the Mitumba and Kundelungun ranges. To the east arise volcanic landforms produced by the Rift Valley fracture in the Great Lakes region. There are the highest Congolese summits, the Karisimbi (4,507 m), the Mikeno (4,437 m), the Nyaragongo (3,470 m), in the Virunga volcano massif, the Ruwenzori, the “mountains of the Moon” , culminating at 5,119 m at the peak Marguerite.

The Ruwenzori dominates in the north Lake Albert which belongs to the Nile system, while Lake Tanganyika, which belongs to the Congo River system, extends parallel to the Mitumba Mountains and forms the border with Tanzania. The country has only a narrow 40-kilometer seafront on the Atlantic Ocean, which borders the Congo River estuary on its right bank and separates Angola from its Cabinda enclave.

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