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* Where is UGANDA Located in AFRICA? [Uganda Map]

Where is Uganda Located?
Map of UGANDA Location … Where is Uganda in the World?

Where is UGANDA located on the map?

Uganda, in long form the Republic of Uganda, is a country in East Africa. It is also considered part of Great Lakes Africa. It is surrounded by the Democratic Republic of Congo, Kenya, Rwanda, South Sudan and Tanzania. The south of the country includes a large part of Lake Victoria. Uganda takes its name from the ancient Kingdom of Buganda, which once covered the southernmost regions, whose capital and largest city is Kampala.

Where is Uganda located in Africa? The country is located on the East African plateau, for the most part between the 4th parallel north and 2nd parallel south and between the 29th and 35th meridians east. Its average altitude is 1,100 meters, steep descent to the Sudanese Plain to the north. The center is centered around Lake Kyoga, surrounded by swampy areas.

Almost all Ugandan territory is in the Nile basin. The Nile leaves Lake Victoria to reach Lake Kyoga and Lake Albert on the Congolese border. A small area to the east is drained by the Turkwel River, which is part of the drainage basin of Lake Turkana.

Lake Kyoga is basically a linguistic boundary between the Bantu languages in the south and the Nilotic in the north. This boundary, oriented from north-west to south-east, only partially reflects the political division between north and south.

The area of Uganda is 241,550 km2, about the size of the United Kingdom.

Ugandan territory has some hydrocarbon, including oil from Lake Albert. The country produces about 10,000 barrels a day. The British oil company Tullow Oil is still in the exploration stage, but has already obtained about 10 drilling licenses from the state, as in Kigogole on the shores of Lake Albert. The climate and rich lands favor agriculture. Among the main productions, coffee, of which Uganda has become one of the leading exporters in the world. In the first six years of the decade of the 2010s, Uganda became the world’s eleventh largest coffee producer and the second largest in Africa behind Ethiopia, with harvest growing by about a third. It is also the second in the list of African tea producers at the beginning of the decade 2010, dominated by Kenya.

Other major crops of the country, sugar cane, cotton and sweet potato. These elements are the main economic activities of the primary sector. The state is struggling to revive a rural economy (80% of the population lives off agriculture). The country is among the top eight cotton producers in East, South and North Africa in the mid-2010s.

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