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* Where is MONTENEGRO Located? [Montenegro Map]

Where is Montenegro Located?
Map of MONTENEGRO Location … Where is Montenegro in the World?

Where is MONTENEGRO located on the map?

Montenegro is a Balkan country in Southern Europe, bordered by the Adriatic Sea and bordering Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Serbia, Kosovo and Albania.

Montenegro is located in the Balkans. Its territory has, roughly, the shape of a diamond; it is bordered on the south-west by the Adriatic Sea, on the west by Croatia, on the north-west by Bosnia and Herzegovina, on the north-east by Serbia, on the east by Kosovo and finally on the south is by Albania.

The Montenegrin territory extends from the high mountains on the border with Serbia and Albania – part of the western karsts of the Balkan Peninsula – to a narrow coastal plain two to six kilometers wide. This plain ends abruptly to the north, where Mount Lovćen and Orjen plunge into the mouths of Kotor. Thus, although having a large outlet to the sea, the country does not have an important port because of a very rugged coastline.

The karst region of Montenegro is located at an altitude of about 1,000 m, with some parts rising to almost 2,000 m, such as Mount Orjen (1,894 m), the highest point in the coastal limestone ranges. The Zeta Valley is the lowest zone, with an altitude of about 500 m. Montenegro has some natural cavities.

The mountains of Montenegro are among the most rugged terrain in Europe and among the most eroded parts of the Balkan peninsula during the last ice age. The territory culminates at Zla Kolata, in the Prokletije Mountains, at an altitude of 2,534 m.

Montenegro has both a picturesque coast and a mountainous region to the north. The country was a popular tourist destination in the 1980s, but the wars in Yugoslavia that affected neighboring countries in the 1990s destroyed Montenegro’s tourist image.

The Adriatic coast of Montenegro stretches for 295 km including 72 km of beaches and has many old villages preserved. The coastal region is considered one of the major tourist “discoveries” of recent years. It was not until the 2000s that the tourism sector began to prosper again. Since then, the country has seen sharp increases in the number of tourists and overnight stays. The Government of Montenegro has made tourism development a priority and wants to make tourism one of the major sectors of the country’s economy. Several measures have been taken to attract foreign investors and some projects are already underway as is the case of Porto Montenegro.

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