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* Where is CROATIA Located? [Croatia Map]

Where is Croatia Located?
Map of CROATIA Location … Where is Croatia in the World?

Croatia is a country in Eastern Europe, located in the Balkan Peninsula. In Croatia, the country is called Hrvatska.

Croatia is bordered on the north by Slovenia and Hungary, on the east by Bosnia and Herzegovina and Serbia and on the west by the Adriatic Sea.

Zagreb, the capital, is the largest city in the country, followed by Split and Rijeka, two Dalmatian ports, and Osijek, industrial center of Slavonia. The other main urban centers are Zadar, Pula, Karlovac, Slavonski Brod, Dubrovnik and Sisak.

Croatia covers an area of ​​56 510 km². The territory is divided into three natural groups. The north (Slavonia) and the center of the country concentrate the fertile plains of the Drava (Podravina) and the Sava (Posavina), separated by mountain ranges of altitude less than 1,000 m; the two rivers, which flow into the Danube, respectively mark the border with Hungary to the north and the border with Bosnia and Herzegovina to the south.

The Adriatic coast, which occupies the entire western coast of the country, extends from north to south of the Istrian peninsula to Dalmatia, comprising over a thousand islands, six hundred of which are inhabited. Croatia has about 1,778 km of continental coast, 5,835 km with the islands.

Between the two sets extend the Dinaric Alps, a series of limestone mountain ranges parallel to the Adriatic, which mark the eastern border with Bosnia and Herzegovina and culminate on the Croatian side at Mount Dinara (1,831 m). These mountain ranges include the Velebit and Kapela Mountains. The coastal massif is partially submerged, which explains the indentation and the tortured aspect of the Croatian coasts. The karst – limestone formation that is named after a province of Slovenia, in northern Istria – which is characterized by the importance of groundwater circulation, dominates the landscape of some regions, as in Dalmatia.

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