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What comes to mind when you hear Switzerland? Astonishing scenery, divine chocolates, fine watches, a brilliant train network, filthy tax money or smelly cheese! The Confoederatio Helvetica is also one of only two countries with a square flag; has the longest and deepest rail tunnel; and was where LSD was first synthesised in case you didn’t know! This is an awesome country that is definitely worth a visit; you surely can’t afford to miss heaven on earth.

In the first, an outline of the country and some things to look out for when travelling. The second will review my trip flying into Geneva and the various journeys I took from there and the third will be the same but when flying into Zurich. Enjoy the read and leave your feedback below!

Part 1: Hey Switzerland!

Switzerland is a small European jewel. If you buy a large world map and squint really hard, you will see that Switzerland is actually bordered by five countries. Liechtenstein, Austria, France, Italy and Germany all cosy up to Switzerland and spill their own unique flavours over the border. It’s a buy-one, get-four-free deal. But you’ll be needing as many of these great deals as possible if you want to visit. Switzerland is amongst the most expensive places on earth. It’s $8 a coffee expensive!

This isn’t specifically a budget-travel post but we’re super kind and proactive so here are some wunderbar TravelBuddee tips to keep in mind when you travel:

  • Keep an eye out for cheap flights because you sometimes find absolute bargains to Switzerland if you’re flying in from Europe. We recommend Skyscanner who have an excellent feature that shows projected, lowest ticket prices on specific future dates.
  • Really know where in Switzerland you want to visit before you book your flights. Seems simple enough but flying into the wrong airport can rack up huge train expenses as you make up for your mistake!
  • Hotels are generally expensive but make sure you look for breakfast included deals to maximise value. Trivago and Booking.com are both great.
  • Migros is your best friend! Switzerland’s largest supermarket name can be found across the country and is perfect for finding all the essentials when you travel. Their sandwiches also leave your wallet a lot happier when you aren’t in the mood for a fancy meal.

Here’s another key tip which deserves its own paragraph. Switzerland is famous for its trains and trams. In fact, the network’s brilliance makes the whole country feel smaller. You really can see a lot in 5 days. Try a day trip to see Bern’s famous clocktower, the Zytglogge, even if you’re hotel is in Geneva. -Or get a day’s tasting of Italy by visiting Lugano if you’re in Zurich. It is an absolute marvel of a system.  To make the best use of the system, get a Swiss Travel Pass. Its seems expensive at first glance but is well worth it if you’re visiting for less than a week and want to see a lot of the country. The pass, available for various durations, grants unlimited access to trains, boats and buses as well as the excellent tram network in several cities. In the country where Einstein did most of his learning, you can too since the pass also gets you free admission to over 500 museums. To make the trip a whole lot more memorable though, splurge on the first-class pass. Quieter cabins and more comfortable seats seem to fit the whole Swiss luxury vibe.

Finally, it’s worth knowing that you can enjoy Switzerland throughout the year which makes it the perfect, small getaway. Walk by the lakes through spring, hike during the clear skies of summer, warm up over some fondue in autumn and ski in the winter. Happy travels!

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