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* Where is GUINEA Located in AFRICA? [Guinea Map]

Where is Guinea Located?
Map of GUINEA Location … Where is Guinea in the World?

Where is GUINEA located on the map?

Guinea is a country in West Africa open to the Atlantic Ocean. Guinea is limited to the northwest by Guinea-Bissau, to the north by Senegal, to the east by Mali, to the southeast by Ivory Coast and to the south by Liberia and Sierra Leone. The country includes the Los Islands, off Conakry.

Conakry, the capital, is also an important port area and the most populous city in Guinea. Kankan, Kindia, N’Zerekore, Kamsar and Kissidougou are the other main urban centers of the country.

Guinea covers an area of 245,857 km². It consists of four topographically distinct regions. At the edge of the Atlantic Ocean, a coastal plain extends for 275 km and penetrates inland for about fifty km. It is dominated by the massif of Fouta-Djalon, culminating at 1,537 m at Mount Loura. The relief is then more hilly in the central part, where the Guinean territory curving towards the south; the Mandingo plateau rises on the northern periphery, on the border with Mali. At the extreme southeast is the Guinean Ridge, on which rise the Nimba Mountains, the highest point in the country (1,752 m).

Where is the country of GUINEA situated?

Guinea Map
Detailed map of GUINEA … Where exactly is Guinea located?

Guinea gives birth to some of the great rivers of West Africa. The Bafing, the main source of the Senegal River, and Gambia, both spring on the Fouta-Djalon plateau and continue their course to the north beyond the borders. Many rivers are also born in the Fouta-Djalon mountains, from where they descend to the coastal plain, dividing into a quantity of tributaries. The Niger River and its important tributary, Milo, have their source on the heights of the Guinean Ridge.

Guinea is characterized by significant climatic differences, due in large part to the variety of terrain. The coastal plain experiences the highest rainfall and the most equal temperatures: Conakry, the capital, receives 4 418 mm of rain per year; the average temperature is 26.7 ° C. Fouta-Djalon has a more Sudanese type of climate. The average annual rainfall is 1,778 mm; it is reduced to the Mandingo plateau. The Guinean ridge, on the other hand, is more watered; annual precipitation averages 2794 mm. It is also in this region that we find the highest temperatures. There is a humid tropical climate, even equatorial, characterized by high temperatures, heavy rains, and poor seasons. In the rest of the country, the rainy season lasts from April or May to October or November. April is the hottest month, while July and August are the wettest months.

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where GUINEA is in the World?

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