* Where is LIBERIA Located in AFRICA? [Liberia Map]

Where is Liberia Located?

Where is LIBERIA located on the map?

Liberia is a country located in West Africa, bordering Sierra Leone to the northwest, Guinea to the north, Ivory Coast to the east and bordered by the Atlantic Ocean to the southwest.

Liberia, in long form the Republic of Liberia, is a country located in West Africa bordered on the south by the Atlantic Ocean, on the north-west by Sierra Leone, on the north by Guinea and on the east by the Ivory Coast. As the first African nation to gain independence in 1847, Liberia has been chaired since 22 January 2018 by George Weah.

The country, which ranks among the ten least developed countries in the world (with a human development index of 0.329 in 2011), is part of ECOWAS.

Liberia has fifteen political subdivisions, known as Bomi, Bong, Gbarpolu, Grand Bassa, Grand Cape Mount, Grand Gedeh, Grand Kru, Lofa, Margibi, Maryland, Montserrado, Nimba, River Cess, River Gee, and Sinoe.

Liberia is a tax haven, one of the peculiarities of which is never to reveal the names of natural persons in its business registers. Liberia is one of the flags of convenience.

Where is the country of LIBERIA situated?

Liberia Map

Liberia is home to the world’s largest rubber plantation (48,000 hectares) owned by Firestone, the American tire giant, which has since 1988 become a subsidiary of the Japanese group Bridgestone.

Liberia has iron ore resources in Mount Nimba on the Ivory Coast border.

The preserved forests and the still intact white sand beaches make this country a unique place.

With species such as marlin, sawfish, whale and dolphin, Liberia’s Atlantic coastline is replete with marine resources that provide important opportunities for tourism services such as fishing or watching dolphins and whales. In addition, the 560 kilometers of shoreline are characterized by an almost uninterrupted stretch of sand, unexplored beaches and waves that are worth the trip. In recent years, surfing in Liberia has gradually gained a good reputation in the global surfing community. In addition, local initiatives have had a relatively significant impact on local youth employment, training and the provision of youth mentoring programs.

Liberia has a rich natural capital with high tourism potential, including two UNESCO World Heritage sites, the Mount Nimba Strict Nature Reserve and the Providence Island, which is also a national treasure. Liberia’s natural attractions include two natural forest reserves, wetlands and mangroves, and biological and landscape diversity. The country has about 42 percent of the Upper Guinea forest, rich in endemic flora and fauna, which includes biodiversity hotspots like the East Nimba Nature Reserve and Sapo National Park. They are both populated by rare birds and a great diversity of mammals such as elephants, monkeys, antelopes, as well as the pygmy hippopotamus, the symbol of the country. All kinds of tourist services could be developed around these natural sites.

Liberia also has remarkable historical and cultural assets. The country has great ethnic, religious and ethnic diversity. Sixteen major tribes coexist in Liberia, each with its own traditions and beliefs. Among the historic sites, the island of Providence is the place where emancipated slaves from the United States first landed and lived before settling on the continent.

According to the World Travel and Tourism Council (WTTC), the tourism industry generated US $ 2364 billion worldwide in 2014, and this figure is expected to increase by 3.3 percent annually until 2025. United Nation World Tourism Organization (UNWTO) estimates that the number of international arrivals will more than double in Africa by 2030 (from 50 million to 134 million visitors). Tourism is a strong driver of employment: the WTTC indicates that in sub-Saharan Africa, the tourism sector directly finances approximately 6 million jobs at the regional level, which represents 2.5 percent of total employment . Recognizing this potential, African countries, including Liberia’s neighbors such as Sierra Leone and The Gambia, have made greater efforts to develop the tourism sector.

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