* Where is TURKMENISTAN Located? [Turkmenistan Map]

Where is Turkmenistan Located?

Where is TURKMENISTAN located on the map?

Turkmenistan, in long form the Republic of Turkmenistan, is a country of Central Asia, surrounded by Afghanistan, Iran, the Caspian Sea, Kazakhstan and Uzbekistan.

Where is Turkmenistan located in Asia? Turkmenistan is bordered by Afghanistan to the southeast, Uzbekistan to the northeast, Kazakhstan to the northwest, Iran to the southwest and the Caspian Sea to the west. It has an area of ​​488,100 km2.

Located north of the Kopet-Dag mountain range, Turkmenistan is a country composed of 80% desert plains and valleys. The Karakum region is characterized by violent sandstorms. There are some mountains and dunes to the south. The highest point is the Gora Ayribaba with an altitude of 3,139 m. No volcano is recorded in Turkmenistan, which is relatively far from the limits of tectonic plates.

Two climates rub shoulders on this territory. In areas near the Caspian Sea, the climate is rather humid, while in the interior the climate is dry. In winter, temperatures can reach -25 ° C and in summer, the thermometer easily displays 40 ° C.

One of the major problems of Turkmenistan is the sharing of an important river named Amu Darya. Born in the territories of Afghanistan and Tajikistan (Pamir), this river flows through Afghanistan, Tajikistan, Uzbekistan and Turkmenistan. These last two countries do not agree to draw their common border along the river rather than to intersect it. They accuse each other of the loss of water from the Amu Darya.

Other rivers: Hari Rud, Murgab, from the northern slope of the Afghan mountains.

Turkmenistan’s economy is highly dependent on the exploitation of its natural gas – the country has the fifth largest reserve in the world, nearly 12% of the world’s reserves – as well as its oil, which accounts for 60% of its exports. In the field of agriculture, half of the irrigated land is used to grow cotton, making the country the tenth largest producer in the world.

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