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* Where is JAMAICA Located? [Jamaica Map]

Where is Jamaica Located?
Map of JAMAICA Location … Where is Jamaica in the World?

Where is JAMAICA located on the map?

Jamaica is an island in the Caribbean Sea. It is an independent country, part of the Caribbean, located south of Cuba and west of Hispaniola Island, territory of Haiti and the Dominican Republic.

Initially populated by the indigenous Arawaks and Tainos, the island comes under control following the arrival of Christopher Columbus in 1494. Many natives then die of diseases and the Spanish transfer African slaves. Named Santiago, the island remains a Spanish possession until 1655, when in England conquers it and renames it Jamaica. Under the British colonial yoke becomes one of the largest sugar exporters in the world, thanks to its plantation-based economy based on slavery. The British emancipated slaves in 1838, and many of them preferred food crops to plantations. From the 1840s, the British resorted to Chinese and Indians, working in plantations. The island obtains its independence from the United Kingdom on August 6, 1962.

Jamaica is subdivided into 3 counties and 14 parishes:

  • Cornwall County, West (green on the map), subdivided into 5 parishes of:
    1 – Hanover;
    2 – Saint Elizabeth;
    3 – Saint James;
    4 – Trelawny;
    5 – Westmoreland.
  • Middlesex County, central (in red on the map), subdivided into 5 parishes of:
    6 – Clarendon;
    7 – Manchester;
    8 – Saint Ann;
    9 – Saint Catherine;
    10 – Saint Mary.
  • Surrey County to the east (in yellow on the map), subdivided into 4 parishes of:
    11 – Kingston;
    12 – Portland;
    13 – Saint Andrew;
    14 – St. Thomas.

Jamaica’s economy is based on natural resources, such as bauxite, and has a favorable climate for agriculture and tourism which is the main source of income and provides about a quarter of all jobs in the country. Discoveries of bauxite deposits in the 1940s made Jamaica, since the 1970s, one of the first exporting countries of this mineral. It is also a flag of convenience.

According to Hans van Wamel, the representative of the Jamaica Tourist Board, Jamaica is truly a “” Home Of All Right”. Jamaica offers much more than just the sun, the sea and sand with six tourist regions and more than 100 attractions. Jamaica is a Beach Plus destination with added value that combines nature, gastronomy, culture, music and the very friendly Jamaican people.

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