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* Where is ARGENTINA Located? [Argentina Map]

Where is Argentina Located?
Map of ARGENTINA Location … Where is Argentina in the World?

Where is ARGENTINA located on the map?

Argentina is a country in South America, extending into the southern part of the sub-continent, from the Andes to the Atlantic Ocean. In Spanish the country is called Argentina.

Argentina is bordered on the north by Bolivia and Paraguay, on the east by Brazil, Uruguay and the Atlantic Ocean, and on the west by Chile. Its territory includes the Tierra del Fuego (Tierra del Fuego), which includes the eastern half of the Tierra del Fuego Island and several contiguous islands, including the island of the States. The country claims, moreover, the Malvinas Islands and several islands of the South Atlantic.

The western part of the country is bordered, from north to south, by the Andean cordillera. The Patagonian Andes, which form a natural border between Argentina and Chile, are one of the lowest ranges in the Cordillera, with peaks rarely exceeding 3,600 m. From the northern end of this chain to the Bolivian border, the western part of Argentina is occupied by the main Andean cordillera, which has several important peaks, including Aconcagua, a volcano rising to 6,960 m ( highest peak of the American continent) and the Tupungato (6,800 m). Several chains and parallel foothills of the Andes deep into the northwest of Argentina. In addition to the Andes mountain range, the other mountain range of the country is the Sierra de Córdoba, in the center of the country; its highest point is Champaquí (2,850 m).

East of the Andes, from the border of Paraguay to the Colorado River, the plains and plateaus occupy most of the Argentine territory (1,000,000 km2). The north of this area consists of a semi-arid steppe: the Chaco. To the south, the Pampa, an immense grassy plain, alone covers 20% of the land. 100 of the country’s area. Famous for its fertility, it is home to Argentina’s richest agricultural regions.

South of the Pampa, Patagonia covers 670,000 km²; it is an area of ​​low plateaus, arid and stony.

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