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* Where is UKRAINE Located? [Ukraine Map]

Where is Ukraine Located?
Map of UKRAINE Location … Where is Ukraine in the World?

Where is UKRAINE located on the map?

Ukraine a state of Eastern Europe, the second largest in Europe. Ukraine is bordered by the Black Sea and the Sea of Azov in the south, bordering Russia to the north and east, with Belarus to the north, Poland, Slovakia and Hungary to the west and with the Romania and Moldova to the southwest.

Its capital is Kiev, its official language is Ukrainian and its currency is the hryvnia.

Ukraine is a country in Eastern Europe. It shares its land borders with seven bordering countries: in the west Poland, Slovakia and Hungary; in south-west Romania and Moldova; east and north-east Russia; in the north Belarus. The country measures 1,316 km from east to west and 893 km from north to south, for a total area of ​​603,550 km2, or 576,450 km2 not counting the area of ​​Crimea.

With the exception of the vast plateau of Podolia (altitude 472 m) which occupies the west of the country, it is a relatively flat country, with the fertile lands of the Dnieper basin at its center, which allows it to have a productive agriculture. The Ukrainian mountains consist mainly of the foothills of the central and Mediterranean landforms:

To the south, Ukraine opens on the Black Sea, lined with many “limans”, and where the peninsula of Crimea.

The climate of most of Ukraine is continental with cold winters and hot summers; the climate is Mediterranean only on the south coast of Crimea. Average temperatures in Kharkov in eastern Ukraine are around 7 ° C in January and 20 ° C in July. Precipitation ranges from about 750 mm per year in the north to about 250 mm in the south.

Ukraine ranked ninth in Europe in 2012 by the number of visitors. The main cities visited are Kiev, Lviv, Odessa, Kamianets-Podilski and Yalta on the Black Sea. The Seven Wonders of Ukraine as well as the “Seven Natural Wonders of Ukraine” are places mostly frequented by foreign tourists. Since 2005, citizens of the European Union, EFTA, the United States, Canada, Japan and South Korea no longer need a visa to visit Ukraine. The Russians had this right before 2005.

The country’s tourism industry needs investment to modernize, but it continues to contribute strategically to Ukraine’s economy. In 2012, the share of tourism in GDP amounted to 28.8 billion UAH, or 2.2% of GDP, while directly providing 351,500 jobs (1.7% of total employment). In 2012, more than 23 million foreign visitors visited Ukraine.

Ukraine has many tourist attractions throughout the country, a Black Sea coastline with numerous and very popular beaches, historic castles, parks, wineries and a significant number of museums throughout the country. One of the best-known symbols is the Saint Sophia Cathedral and St. Michael’s Monastery with its golden roofs in Kiev, as well as the ancient site of Chersonese in Sebastopol (Crimea). The Carpathian Mountains in the West offer ski resorts and walking trails for hiking.

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