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* Where is COMOROS Located in AFRICA? [Comoros Map]

Where is Comoros Located?
Map of COMOROS Location … Where is Comoros in the World?

Where is COMOROS located on the map?

Comoros, officially known as Union of the Comoros, is an insular and federal state of Africa, in the Indian Ocean.
Comoros is an archipelago of Africa, in the Indian Ocean, whose volcanic islands, after being French, were divided in 1975 between the Union of Comoros and Mayotte, a French overseas territory.

Comoros is a country located in the Indian Ocean, at the northern entrance of the Mozambique Channel, and includes the islands of Grande Comore (or Ngazidja), Moheli (Mwali) and Anjouan (Nzwani). In Arabic the country is called Juzur al Qamar.

Where is the country of COMOROS situated?

Comoros Map
Detailed map of COMOROS … Where exactly is Comoros located?

The archipelago of the Comoros forms a bridge between Africa, Madagascar and the Middle East and has a fourth island, Mayotte (or Maoré).

The Republic of Comoros covers an area of 1 862 km². Of volcanic origin, the Comoros, located equidistant from Africa and Madagascar, are mainly mountains, which overlook narrow coastal plains. The highest peak, the Kartala (2,361 m) on Grande Comore, is an active volcano, the last eruption occurred in 1977.

The islands, subject to a humid tropical climate, are exposed to the monsoon of the Indian Ocean from November to May, as well as the trade winds, which prevail the rest of the year. Temperatures range from 23 ° C to 26 ° C on average, however the climate undergoes significant local variations.

“Grande Comore” is the old name of Ngazidja, the main island of the Union of Comoros and the largest in the Comoros archipelago.

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where COMOROS is in the World?

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