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* Where is VANUATU Located? [Vanuatu Island Map]

Where is Vanuatu Located?
Map of VANUATU Location … Where is Vanuatu in the World?

Where is VANUATU located on the map?

Vanuatu, in long form the Republic of Vanuatu, is a state located in the Coral Sea and part of Melanesia. The archipelago is composed of 83 islands, mostly of volcanic origin, 539 kilometers north-north-east of New Caledonia.

Named “New Hebrides” after James Cook, the archipelago has experienced a slow and discontinuous colonization since its exploration by Europeans at the end of the eighteenth century until the end of the nineteenth century. He was then the subject of a conflict of interest between France and the United Kingdom who decided in 1904 to set up a joint administration. Thus, from 1906 to 1980, the New Hebrides Condominium was established, making these Pacific islands a colony jointly managed by two colonial powers. In 1980, the New Hebrides became independent; the new name “Vanuatu” quickly replaces the European name.

Located in the Coral Sea, 539 kilometers north-north-east of New Caledonia, 623 km south-east of the Solomon Islands and 1,808 km east-northeast of Hervey Bay, in the Australian state of Queensland, Vanuatu consists of 81 islands. In addition, his government claims the islands Matthew and Hunter attached to the territory of New Caledonia (France). The lands of the archipelago cover approximately 12,000 km2 and extend along a north-north-west / south-south-east axis of approximately 1300 km long. The three largest islands in the archipelago are Espiritu Santo (3,956 km²), Malekula (2,041 km²) and Efate (900 km²).

The islands have a tropical or subtropical climate, are of volcanic and mountainous origins with the exception of Aniwa in the south and Rowa Atoll in the Banks Islands to the north.

GDP growth averaged less than 3 percent during the 1990s. By mid-2002, the government stepped up efforts to increase tourism.

The assets of Vanuatu are many: sea and sun, climate, volcanoes, cenotes, local products, dives, big game fishing, sea trips, air tours, culture and traditions, cultural villages, treks, boating, horse riding, golf, kindness and hospitality …

The increase in tourist traffic dates mainly from 2005, the Year of Tourism: additional flights, cruises stopover, hotel complexes, hotel school, ecotourismTourists are mainly Australian, American, New Zealanders and New Caledonians . The peaks are the months of July, September and December.

In 2010, the 100,000 visitors mark is reached. Tourism in Vanuatu is geared towards affluent customers, and many tourists come from cruise ships.

The actual duty-free works well, deliverable at the airport.

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