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* Where is MALDIVES Located? [Maldive Islands Map]

Where is Maldives Located?
Map of MALDIVES Location … Where are the Maldive Islands in the World?

Where is MALDIVES located on the map?

The Maldives is a group of islands located in the Indian Ocean, 500km southwest of the southern tip of India.

South Asia, group of atolls in the Indian Ocean, south-southwest of India.

The Maldives extend south of the Lakshadweep, an island territory of India, from the 7th parallel of north latitude to the equator. There are 1,196 islands spanning approximately 90,000 square kilometers on the Indian Ocean, making it one of the most disparate countries in the world. The land is the work of the coral polyp: the smallest creator ever.

The Republic of Maldives is located 500 km southwest of the southern tip of India and has about 1,190 low-lying coral islands, of which only 200 are inhabited. The inhabited islands are mostly covered with lush tropical vegetation and palm trees while the many uninhabited islands, some of which are merely sand tongues or the coral banks, are covered with shrubs. . Each island is surrounded by a reef forming a shallow lagoon. Hundreds of these islands, along with other coral growths, form an atoll, surrounding a lagoon. All the islands are low-lying, with no more than 2 m above sea level. The majority of the indigenous population does not mix with tourists, with the exception of those working in the tourism sector.

The national language is divehi. English is widely used in administrations and in the economic sector. Other languages, such as French, are widely used in tourist areas.

The climate is tropical: hot, humid, and more precisely in the dry north-east with the monsoon from November to March; rainy southwest, with the monsoon from June to August.

The 1970s attract tourists with the extraordinary attraction of the seabed. Today, 87 islands are each an exclusive resort or island-hotel. Tourism is one of the main financial resources of the Maldives. It is the introduction of the seawater desalination technique that has been an essential element of the island hotel establishment. About one million tourists land each year in luxury hotels.

Despite their exclusive island character, the Maldives have almost never suffered from excessive isolation, as they lie on the main lines of communication between Europe, Africa and the Middle East on one side, the -continent Indian, Far East and Australia each other.

Demographic pressure and the many developments made have degraded the island environment. Added to this is the rise in the level of the oceans, which threatens the exploitation of tourism in the long term, but the number of tourists is increasing year by year, that is, in 1986: 114,000; 1996: 338,000; 1998: 396,000 and 1999: 430,000. 77% of tourists come from Europe; 19% from Asia; 2% from Oceania; 1.5% from America and 0.5% from Africa. It should be noted, however, that the country, whose state religion is a strict Islam, has organized itself to avoid as much contact as possible between tourists who bring in foreign currency and residents who live on islands that are forbidden to the former (except in Male , the capital).

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