* Where is ENGLAND Located? [England Map]

Where is England Located?

Where is the UK located on the map?

England is a country that is part of the United Kingdom, located on the island of Great Britain. England is located in North West Europe. It is surrounded by the Irish Sea to the west, the Channel to the south, the North Sea to the east and connected to France by the Channel Tunnel. The total area of England is 130 395 km².

England (England) is a constituent nation of the United Kingdom. It is bordered by Scotland to the north and Wales to the west. Its coastline is surrounded by the North Sea to the east, the Irish Sea to the northwest, the Celtic Sea to the southwest, and the Channel to the south that separates it from continental Europe. Its territory covers most of central and southern Great Britain, and it also includes about a hundred small islands. Its capital is London which is the first urban area of ​​the United Kingdom and, according to the criteria selected, of Europe. England is the most populous nation in the United Kingdom with 53 million inhabitants in 2011, which represents 84% ​​of the British population, and is the largest with an area of ​​131 760 km2. The name of England is frequently used, by synecdoche, to refer to the United Kingdom as a whole.

Where is the country of ENGLAND situated?

England Map

The most populated city in England is London, the capital of the United Kingdom. It is followed by cities that developed in the nineteenth century, during the industrial revolution: Manchester, Birmingham, Leeds and Liverpool. According to the Office for National Statistics, the ten largest urban areas in England in 2011 are as follows.

England is a rich country! Rich in monuments, rich in sites, rich in culture. For nearly a thousand years, since the victory in 1066 of William the Conqueror, ie William of Normandy, the country has been able to develop largely immune to the wars that have wreaked havoc on the European continent; and even though internal struggles and civil war have devastated part of England’s heritage twice, the country still has an astonishing concentration of historic monuments, old towns, and castles – not to mention its countryside, its coast, old pubs and inns, museums and other attractions.

When the Industrial Revolution upset the country from the 18th century, it largely missed most of the major cities of the time, to focus around new industrial cities, since become major cities of the country. Thus, England has preserved many country towns, with their historic centers, old houses, medieval cathedrals and other monuments. Here are some cities that are worth a visit.

  • The university cities of Oxford and Cambridge, with their unmatched concentration of historical monuments, university buildings built since the Middle Ages by kings, princes and other patrons.
  • The city of Chester, south of Liverpool, a half-timbered architectural ensemble, built on the rectilinear plane of the ancient Roman castrum.
  • The archepiscopal cities of Canterbury and York, with their magnificent medieval cathedrals among the most beautiful in Europe.
  • Other regional cities, such as Exeter, Gloucester, Worcester, Salisbury, Lincoln, Ely, Norwich, or Durham, also have their historic center arranged around a medieval cathedral.
  • The water cities of the 18th century, especially Bath, Cheltenham or Buxton.

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