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# Gear We Love

Gear We Love

Scott and I are often asked about what specific gear we take on our travels. We definitely have some favorites, which we use time and time again. So, we have compiled a list of the gear we love for 2017.

Please read the disclosure below, and know that we buy all of the products and recommend them personally.

You may find affiliate links sprinkled throughout the blog.

Jaynie’s Favorites:

1. Osprey Kyte 36 l

Jaynie walked with this pack for 500 miles on the Camino de Santiago. She absolutely loved this pack for many reasons. To read a full review click here. She was sponsored by Osprey for this pack only.

2. Osprey Ariel 55 Womens Hiking Backpack Small Tidal Blue This pack Jaynie has used for years. It’s significantly bigger than the 36 liter Kyte pack and has a removable lid.

3. Black Diamond Trekking Poles

Jaynie uses the Black Diamond Trekking Poles and loves how they are durable and light. It really relieves the pressure on your knees when walking downhill.

4. Teva hiking sandals

These sandals are perfect if you are hiking around water. They are great for creek crossings or boating. They are also good for walking around a city in the rain.

5. Hoka One One

These Hoka’s are so comfortable. Jaynie wore them on the Camino and she also has a pair for running. There is something about the extra shock absorption, which makes long distances easier on the joints.

6. Oboz Hiking Shoes

These hiking shoes are so comfortable and perfect for muddy trails. Jaynie wears them for snowshoeing, but doesn’t love them for long distance hiking.

7. Lush shampoo bars

Scott and Jaynie have both used the Lush Shampoo bars. Depending on your hair type you won’t even need conditioner, as Jaynie doesn’t. We have noticed some bars last longer than others, as we have tried a few different scents.

8. That’s It Bars

Jaynie’s favorite snack when hiking or traveling, is this bar. The only ingredients are apples and cherries. She also loves the apple and pear bars. They come in a variety of flavors and are great for travel.

9. Chimes

Chimes Ginger Chews are a favorite of Jaynie’s to take when her stomach is bothering her, or if she has had a meal with too much garlic. It seems to have a calming property for her. It’s perfect for traveling because something always seems to give a stomach irritation.

10. Title Nine Clamber Capri Pants

They are not available on Amazon, but can be purchased online through Title Nine. These pants are lightweight with a wide band of elastic around the back of the waist. They are quick drying, which is a plus when hand washing.

11. Hydro Flask Water Bottle

These bottles are so durable. Scott and Jaynie both use them for travel, as well as in their daily life.

12. Darn Tough Socks

Darn Tough Socks are great for hiking. Jaynie took three different pairs for the Camino de Santiago. She wanted different levels of support and thickness, which worked out well, as she had swelling in one foot and could match the sock to her needs.

Scott’s Favorites:


Scott loves cashews and always makes an effort to take some in small baggies for traveling. Some go in his daypack and some in his backpack. They make the perfect snack on a long flight or bus ride.

2. Pacific Trail Long Sleeve Shirt, and Kuhl Long Sleeve Shirt

These are not available on Amazon, but Scott thinks he got them both at REI. He likes how they are lightweight enough to wear in the summer, but are good for layering in the winter.

3. Coast Headlamp

This headlamp is a favorite of Scott’s because he uses it for work and travel. He needs a durable, bright light source which stays comfortably on his head, and this does the job.

4. Hoka One One

Scott loves his Hoka shoes. He wore this pair on the Camino for 500 miles, then continued to wear them at home for quite a while. Then, he bought a new pair. The extra cushion is great support for his knees.

5. Buff

Scott wears his buff all the time. It’s great when it’s cold to keep your ears warm, and when it’s hot you can get it wet to cool you down. Jaynie even sleeps with hers over her eyes if there is too much light in the room.

6. Scott’s latest hiking shoe for our long distance hiking in Ireland. Merrell Moab.


Necessities We Both Love:

1. Camelbak All Clear Water Purifier

The All Clear is a purification system which uses ultraviolet rays. We have used it for years. It saves us so much money because we don’t need to buy as much bottled water. It’s easy to use and recharges with a USB cable.

2. Banana Boat Sun Protection

Scott and I are both serious about protecting our skin. We use the lotion and spray from Banana Boat. It seems to do well in humid conditions or when we are hiking.

3. EmergenC

Pink Lemonade is our favorite flavor for this drink. Although, we do drink several other flavors as well. We like to bring the little packets of EmergenC for travel, and drink them when we are feeling run down or haven’t been receiving our vitamins through food.

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