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How do you stoke LOVE during a travel restrictive Pandemic world?


How are Travel Restrictions Affecting Your Relationship & What To Do in the Pandemic

This new global pandemic for a new century has brought uncertain times. Some people have been separated from their families and loved ones due to the sudden halt in travel globally and locally. For many who are living miles away from their partners, family members, and friends, it could get frustrating and hopeless.

Especially now when numerous countries are closing back up again after reopening for a short while. Always another COVID-19 variant … Delta … now Omicron! Will it end any time soon?

Government restrictions on border entries and air travel around the world have caused some people to get stranded, lose their overseas jobs, or get cut off from their families. For some, not knowing when they’ll see their loved ones again is very taxing. For people in long-distance relationships, it could get even more challenging as there are no certainties on when they can be together again.

It seems unimaginable that air travel could get as limited and restricted as it has now. It was just several months ago when ordinary folks like you and I could book a ticket and fly to virtually anywhere in the world without any worries. How did the pandemic change things so quickly? And for the worst.

In several online forums, many people who had travel plans in the first half of the year were faced with either flight cancellations or endless rebooking without definitely knowing if their rebooked dates are fine. Many are wondering when their destination countries will open up their borders to foreign travelers again.

An Intricate Web to Maneuver

For example, let’s take the Philippines, whose government only allows foreign spouses of Filipino citizens to enter the country. Filipino citizens are also allowed to exit the country for tourism purposes provided their destination country doesn’t have a travel ban for Filipinos. The most recent development is that now foreigners with long-term visas can fly to the Philippines.

What we have right now are only rough outlines of the restrictions so far. And any of this can change at a moment’s notice.

What can we deduce from these timelines? For us who are waiting patiently for the restrictions to be over, it means things will be back to normal, or at least the new normal for traveling is not too far away.

So, what should couples and families do while the restrictions are still in effect? Here are some my suggestions and tips for riding this out:

1 | Communicate more Often

It’s important to talk more often than usual and go through the frustrations and disappointments together. While we can always blame the government’s lack of preparations or planning and their seemingly oblivious stance on our desperate need to fly to our partner’s and families’ destinations, we can only wait for these restrictions to ease. Be patient.

2 | Plan and talk about the Future

This is the perfect time to continue to plan for the time when you’ll be together again. Talk about the places you’ll visit next year or the restaurants you’ll try. Research about the do’s and don’ts and the possible new policies and regulations in airports.

3 | Save for the Future

Save money while you can. Take this opportunity to assess your financial health. Read more about tips on saving up during the pandemic. Use this time to invest in yourself and in your relationship by saving money for your future. Your savings proves to be fruitful once all the restrictions lift.

4 | Keep up-to-date on the latest News

It’s important that you get your news firsthand from reputable sources. News articles online need to be verified. Call the foreign affairs office, embassy, airlines or go to official websites or pages to get reliable pieces of information.

While it’s uncertain and seems to be really frustrating and slow, it’s good to note that there’s some kind of progress in lifting pandemic restrictions. In due time, we all can travel again freely and with no fear. We can be with the people we love, see places we dream of visiting and experience the global world again.

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