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Uvita COSTA RICA, Puntarenas Province
Uvita COSTA RICA in Puntarenas Province.

The Perfect Day in Uvita COSTA RICA

Imagine planning the perfect itinerary in Uvita COSTA RICA

Begin the morning with a steaming pot of roasted french-press coffee or some breakfast tea perhaps. Either way, sipping the strong caffeine from your porch at Osa Mountain Village/Toucan Valley as you enjoy the early morning bird action in beautiful Costa Rica starts off the day.

Stay near the Jungle

The earth-shattering, unmistakable shriek of the massive scarlet macaw pierces the sleepy jungle silence. Circling overhead, calling to each other, a pair of rainbow-colored, eternal lovebirds come to rest in a nearby tree.

Scarlet Macaws in COSTA RICA
The brightly-colored Scarlet Macaws (Ara Macao) in COSTA RICA. The largest of all parrots.
Scarlet Macaws in COSTA RICAScarlet Macaws in COSTA RICAScarlet Macaws in COSTA RICA Scarlet Macaws in COSTA RICA

The familiar fluttering sound of a toucan’s wings draws your attention from the macaws and immediately switches to admiring a brightly colored black-mandible toucan, as he slowly scans a panoramic photo of his surroundings. After a pause, he decides you’re harmless and goes about his breakfast of munching on pods from the fast-growing guarumo tree.

Brightly colored Toucan in COSTA RICA Brightly colored Toucan in COSTA RICABrightly colored Toucan in COSTA RICA


Lunch in Uvita

Packing up the car with hammocks, rope, and beach chairs and heading to Uvita for a beach day seems quite in order. The first stop is for lunch at one of the local’s favorite restaurants in town. Texas-style BBQ – this is one of those rare gems in which you know every single menu item will be mouth-wateringly delicious.

The brisket and pulled pork are tender and flavorful, their Cubano sandwich is easily one of the best you’ve ever eaten, the sweet tea tastes like home, the country ambiance is enlivening, and their fresh kettle chips are crunchy and well-seasoned.

With a multitude of homemade sauces (hint: try the mango ginger) and a smoked, pulled carrot sandwich with pineapple slaw for the vegetarians, there’s something on the menu for everyone. Affordable prices, large portions, unique menu items, and friendly service are a few of the things that keep you coming back.

Anywhere in downtown Uvita, across from the BM and BCR, you cannot miss these colorful dining options. If you’re in the Uvita area make sure to stop by for a delicious meal somewhere.

Delicious cubano sandwich meal
Delicious Cubano sandwich meal

La Playa Chaman Beach

The next stop is Playa Chaman to hang your hammocks and walk the beach. But just as soon as you settle into the perfect spot, the booming roar of the howler monkeys rumbles through the salty atmosphere. Directly above, more monkeys stretch out and lounge in the trees for a snooze. Because they’re unaware a curious baby monkey tests his mom’s resolve by venturing just beyond her grasp – desperate for some leaves to snack on.

COSTA RICAN Howler Monkey COSTA RICAN Howler Monkey
COSTA RICAN Howler Monkey
COSTA RICAN Howler Monkeys
COSTA RICAN Howler Monkey COSTA RICAN Howler Monkey

Towering over the shore is a grouping of vibrant rainbow eucalyptus trees. Colorful Costa Rica always surprises with masterpieces that naturally occur in every direction. Each of these massive rainbow trees is a unique display of art. I can remember first seeing these when I visited the Blue Mountains just outside of Sydney Australia NSW. At first, I thought these had been painted or simply weren’t real!

The rainbow eucalyptus is a rapidly growing tropical tree. It sheds its outer layer to keep up with the speedy growth. Each layer prepares to shed, and this is when it begins to change colors. First developing from green to blue, to purple, to orange, to maroon. Each section of the outer peeling layer is at a different stage. It’s the exfoliation process that creates that magical rainbow effect.

Rainbow Eucalyptus tree
Rainbow Eucalyptus tree

The surfers catch your attention next, as they all begin to enter the ocean at the same moment. Patiently awaiting the right moment all day, a silent bell is now ringing, calling all surfers in the area. One surfer dominates; he reads the ocean best and takes advantage of each swell that comes his way.

A surfer braves the waves off the coast of Uvita COSTA RICA

Surfer at Uvita COSTA RICA
Surfer at Uvita COSTA RICA

Sunset at La Playa Pinuelas Beach

Ending the day should be heading to Playa Pinuelas, and setting up beach chairs to admire the melting sun. The tide is high and the cove is being pounded by the water rushing in. As one wave crashes and recedes back to the ocean, it meets another wave coming in. This results in a powerful, dramatic splash as two walls of water collide beneath the setting sun.


And so it’s just another perfect day in pura vida paradise…

Playa Pinuelas in Puntarenas Playa Pinuelas in Puntarenas
Sunset at Playa Pinuelas
Sunset at Playa Pinuelas COSTA RICA

Fun Fact: Costa Ricans, or Ticos as they’re known, use pura vida as a way to say hello, goodbye, or even to say life’s good!

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