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PERUVIAN farmer holding the Cacao fruit in the Amazon
PERUVIAN farmer holding the Cacao fruit in the Amazon.

# Any CHOCOLATE Lovers in the House?

Do You Love Chocolate?

If you answered yes, then this is the article for you.

Recently, after hiking The Lares Valley Trek and visiting Machu Picchu, we had a rest day in Cusco, Peru.

Scott and I wanted to do something different, which didn’t involve climbing a mountain.

Someone told us about the ChocoMuseo and Chocolate Workshop and we knew we had to do it.


First thing in the morning, we went to the shop to book our reservation for the workshop later in the afternoon.

Later, Scott and I with our friends Rick and Jenn arrived at the location of the museum and workshop. We noticed the rich, sweet aroma of the chocolate in the air, and knew it was going to be a good class. The chef gathered us as a group, seven people in all and walked us through the small museum area. He explained where the seeds of the cacao tree could be found and the process of harvesting the beans.


He was very knowledgable and answered any questions we had.

The Kitchen

Our chef led us to our own private kitchen to learn more about how cacao is processed and how it becomes the chocolate we love.

First, we all picked out our cacao beans. Next, we roasted them in a special pot, and each took a turn to stir the beans.


Finally, we ground them down with our pestle and mortar. They turned into a nice, creamy paste.

Candy Time

The process to make chocolate is much more involved than the way we were taught. Our chef gave us each a choice of melted milk or dark chocolate to work with. This chocolate had been prepared for us to work with.

There was a selection of molds to choose from, as well as at least 15 ingredients to add to our individual chocolates.

This was my favorite part, as we ate the chocolate while we worked and there was plenty to go around. It was so delicious and almost enough chocolate to make me feel sick. Almost!

The Art of Chocolate Making

We poured small amounts of chocolate into the molds and then added random ingredients for flavor. Some of our choices were; sea salt, cayenne pepper, coconut flakes, a variety of nuts and M & M’s.

We spent quite a while perfecting each tray of candy. This was intricate work and we had big decisions to make as we decided what to add to each individual piece.

The chef told us stories about cacao and generally entertained us as we worked.

As we finished up, he asked us to place our chocolate in the refrigerator to be picked up the next day after it was set.

Chocolate Pickup

On our way out of town, we stopped to pick up our chocolate. They were in individual bags with our names attached and looked so cute and professional.

At the airport we sampled our candy and it was delicious. Especially the spicy, cayenne flavor!


I managed to make mine last a few days while we stayed in the Amazon Jungle. It was the best treat ever to lie on my bed, under a fan and eat a piece of chocolate that I had made with my friends.

For more ChocoMuseo information please visit their website, as they have many locations available.

To read more about our time in Peru, please click here.

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