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Meet Coastin' Carl

Let's face it! I've always been fascinated with travel - I never really did much of it growing up, and I would always look forward to visiting my aunt in a neighboring state or accompany the family to what seemed a far-off place where my father was preaching at the time.

Later in college, my goal was to join as many clubs & organizations that I could so that I might have a chance to travel. Eventually, in my first career, the idea of traveling to meet a client became a priority (especially flying to that destination).

And as I quickly fell in love with the idea of riding well over 1,100 different roller coasters from all over the world, I'd have to travel to reach the different amusement parks. In sparking a new hobby involving photography and going RTW (Round The World) twice now, I realized many could benefit from and have leveraged my bevy of travel experience.

With what seems an uncertain world we now live in - traveling can still be done in certain forms ... in fact my journey has just begun.

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