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* Where are the SOLOMON ISLANDS Located? [Solomon Islands Map]

Where are the Solomon Islands Located?
Map of SOLOMON ISLANDS Location … Where are the Solomon Islands in the World?

Where is/are SOLOMON ISLANDS located on the map?

The Solomon Islands is a state located east-southeast of Papua New Guinea. The archipelagos that make up this country are mainly in the Solomon Sea and in the Coral Sea. The Solomon Islands is a Commonwealth monarchy. They are made up of a dozen main islands and nearly a thousand smaller islands straddling two archipelagos: the Solomon Islands for the majority of the country and the Santa Cruz Islands for the province of Temotu.

The Solomon Islands straddle two archipelagos: that of the Solomon Islands, shared with Papua New Guinea, located to the northwest and that of the Santa Cruz Islands located to the south-east. This last archipelago is occupied by a large part of the province of Temotu. The rest of the country is located in the Solomon Archipelago. The Bougainville Island of Papua New Guinea is geographically part of the Solomon Islands archipelago. The country is located in Oceania, in the geographical area called Melanesia where it occupies several maritime areas. The largest islands, to the northwest, are in the Solomon Sea; in the east-south-east the islands Santa Cruz and Duff bathe the Coral Sea, with the exception of Tikopia, Anuta and Fatutaka which, farther to the east, are located in the Pacific Ocean. In addition, it borders on all sides Sikaiana atoll, which is isolated to 196 km east-northeast of the island of Malaita. The main islands are Choiseul, the islands of New Georgia, Santa Isabel, the Russell Islands, the Florida Islands, Malaita, Guadalcanal, Sikaiana, Maramasike, Ulawa, Uki Ni Masi, San Cristóbal, Santa Ana, Rennell, Bellona and the Santa Cruz Islands.

The distance between the most western and eastern islands is about 1,500 kilometers. To the south-east, the Santa Cruz Islands, located to the north of Vanuatu, are particularly isolated, more than 200 kilometers from the other islands. Volcanoes with varying degrees of activity are located on some of the larger islands, while many of the smaller islands are simply tiny atolls covered with sand and coconut palms.

To the north-west of the archipelago, Bougainville Island and other related small islands are included geographically in the Solomon Islands, although politically they are attached to Papua New Guinea with a status of autonomy since 2004.

Where is/are SOLOMON ISLANDS located on the map?

Solomon Islands Map
Detailed map of SOLOMON ISLANDS … Where exactly are the Solomon Islands located?

Most of the population depends on agriculture, fishing and forestry for at least part of their life. Most manufactured goods and petroleum products must be imported.

The islands are rich in untapped mineral resources such as lead, zinc, nickel and gold. Economic problems in Southeast Asia led to a sharp decline in the lumber industry and economic output declined by about 10% in 1998.

The government instituted wage cuts in the public service and other sectors. The economy partially resumed in 1999 as a result of rising gold prices in the global market and the first full year of operation at the Gold Ridge Mine. However, in the middle of the year, the closure of the country’s main oil palm plantation casts a shadow over future prospects. The disastrous political situation is not likely to facilitate economic growth.

Where is Solomon Islands located on the world map? Where is Solomon Islands situated? The Solomon Islands are an archipelago of Oceania located in the Solomon Sea and belonging to Melanesia. It is shared between Papua New Guinea and the Solomon Islands.

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