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* Where is PARAGUAY Located? [Paraguay Map]

Where is Paraguay Located?
Map of PARAGUAY Location … Where is Paraguay in the World?

Where is PARAGUAY located on the map?

Paraguay, in long form the Republic of Paraguay, is a country in South America without access to the sea. Its territory has two different regions separated by the Paraguay River: the eastern part , which is the most populated, and the western, which incorporates the Chaco Boreal or Gran Chaco (the Chaco is a natural region that extends south to Argentina). Surrounded by Brazil, Bolivia and Argentina, Paraguay occupies an area of 406,752 km2, its population is 6,862,812 in July 2016, without counting a diaspora of hundreds of thousands of Paraguayans, especially in Argentina, where they have often made a strain. Its capital is Asunción.

Paraguay has borders with three much bigger countries: Bolivia, Argentina and Brazil.

The current border with Bolivia, to the northwest, dates from 1938 and delineates the Bolivian and Paraguayan parts of Gran Chaco.

The border between Chaco and Brazil dates from 1927; it follows the Rio Paraguay, from the border with Bolivia, and joins the Rio Apa to the south. The northern border of Paraneña with Brazil dates from 1872, is delimited by the mountains of the region to the northeast and then follows the course of Rio Paraná to the border with Argentina.

The southern border with Argentina is bordered by Rio Paraná, Rio Paraguay and Rio Pilcomayo, the last two rivers dividing the Gran Chaco between the two countries. This boundary was defined in 1876.

Paraguay’s economy has a large informal sector consisting of exporting and importing products from neighboring countries as well as the activity of thousands of micro-enterprises and street vendors in urban areas. Given the importance of this sector, it is difficult to obtain exact figures for the Paraguayan economy. However, the GDP of this country is estimated at 13.61 billion US dollars, in 2009 according to the site cia worldfact book. Most of the population lives on agriculture.

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