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* Where is MONACO Located? [Monaco Map]

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Where is Monaco Located?
Map of MONACO Location … Where is Monaco in the World?

Where is MONACO located on the map?

Monaco, in long form the Principality of Monaco, is a country of Western Europe, as well as a municipality of the same name occupying the same area as the State itself (this which makes it a city-state). The Principality of Monaco is a State enclosed in the territory of the French Republic. It is located on the shores of the Mediterranean Sea, along the Côte d’Azur, about twenty kilometers east of Nice, and 8.1 km from Menton, a border town with Italy. Surrounded by the French cities of Cap d’Ail, Beausoleil, Roquebrune-Cap-Martin and La Turbie, the principality has direct access to the sea and territorial waters joining international waters; it is therefore not a landlocked territory per se.

Dependent on the Republic of Genoa, of which the Grimaldi were one of the patrician families, relatively autonomous since 1297, it became a constitutional monarchy in 1911 and is directed since 2005 by the sovereign prince Albert II of Monaco, of the Grimaldi dynasty which is one of the oldest ruling dynasties of the world (if we stick to the traditional agnatic definition of the reigning house, the Principality of Monaco passed to the family of Goyon de Matignon in 1731 then to the family of Polignac in 1949).

This state occupied in 2005 an area of ​​1,974 km2 and occupies today 2.02 km2, partially won on the sea; the country is thus the second smallest independent state in the world (the first being the Vatican). At the last census in 2016, Monaco had 37,308 inhabitants. This total figure is revised at the end of each year by estimation on a partial census and data on immigrations and acquisitions of nationality. With 19,009 inhabitants per km2, and an urbanization covering almost all of its area, it is the most densely populated country in the world.

The Principality enjoys a particularly mild Mediterranean climate and has many luxury hotel facilities. The Monaco Formula 1 Grand Prix takes place here and the Casino de Monte-Carlo, the Oceanographic Museum, the Prince’s Palace and the city tour attract many tourists throughout the year.

Monaco’s state religion is Catholicism.

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