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* Where is MADAGASCAR Located? [Madagascar Map]

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Where is Madagascar Located?
Map of MADAGASCAR Location … Where is Madagascar in the World?

Where is MADAGASCAR located on the map?

Madagascar is located in the Indian Ocean. The island is separated from Africa, 400 km away, by the Mozambique Channel.

The islands around Madagascar are: Mayotte and the Comoros archipelago to the west, Reunion and Mauritius to the east, Seychelles to the north.

Madagascar has a total area of 587040 km², the surface of France and Benelux combined. The greatest distance from south to north is 1570 km, from east to west 575 km.

The highest point of Madagascar is Mount Maromakotra in the Tsaratanana Massif.

The main cities of Madagascar:

Madagascar suffers from erosion due to deforestation and intensive grazing, desertification and pollution of surface waters. Several plant and animal species, unique in the world, are in danger of disappearing. Cyclones are regularly the cause of flooding in coastal areas.

The fishery is developed and the island has potential for hydropower.

In 2001, cropland was estimated at 5.07%, of which 1.03% had permanent crops. Slash-and-burn agriculture has pushed the forest back to 26% of the island’s surface.

The majority of the population lives on subsistence agriculture, mainly rice and zebus farming. The industrial sector is small, but tends to develop.

Despite its high tourism potential, tourism in Madagascar is underdeveloped. Malagasy tourist attractions include its beaches and biodiversity. During the 1990s, tourism was the country’s second largest export earner and brought in nearly $ 50 million. The number of tourists visiting Madagascar has been increasing since the 1990s, despite occasional drops due to political instability, and is expected to reach 500,000 visitors by 2018,108 The vast majority of tourists are French; this is explained by the historical and linguistic links between the two countries.

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