* Where is LEBANON Located? [Lebanon Map]

Where is Lebanon Located?

Where is LEBANON located on the map?

Lebanon is a country in the Middle East. In Arabic it is called Lubnān. Lebanon is bordered to the west by the Mediterranean Sea, to the north and east by Syria and to the south by Israel.

Beirut, the capital and main port, is the only city of more than one million inhabitants of the country. Tripoli and Saïda, the ancient Sidon, are both important ports and oil pipeline terminals. Sour, the ancient Phoenician city of Tire is an agricultural market.

The area of ​​Lebanon is 10 452 km². The country stretches about 210 km from north to south, and 25 to 80 km from east to west. A narrow coastal plain stretches along the Mediterranean and widens at its extremities – from Saida to the south, beyond Tripoli to the north where the Akkar plain extends.

Where is the country of LEBANON situated?

Lebanon Map

The interior of the country is dominated by two limestone massifs, which frame the Bekaa collapse plain, an extension of the Jordan ditch, crossed by the Orontes and the Litani. The chain of Lebanon (Jebel Lubnan, white mountain, from which the country takes its name) raises its barrier between the coastal plain and the Bekaa, and culminates in Kornet el-Saouda (3,088 m). It is cut by deep gorges (up to 1,000 m deep in the Qadisha Valley), dug from east to west by rivers, and is home to high karst plateaus. East of the Bekaa, Anti-Lebanon stretches along the Syrian border and extends to the south by Mount Hermon (2,814 m).

Lebanon enjoys a Mediterranean climate, tempered by altitude. In the plains, average temperatures range from 10 ° C in January to 26.7 ° C in August. They are cooler in the mountains. Rainfall, which is most abundant in winter, varies greatly according to the region: it does not exceed 635 mm in the Bekaa plain, but reaches 889 mm along the coast and 1270 mm on the western slope of the Lebanon chain. . The dry season runs from April to October.

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