* Where is CYPRUS Located? [Cyprus Island Map]

Where is Cyprus Located?

Where is CYPRUS located on the map?

Cyprus island country of Southern Europe, located in the eastern Mediterranean. In Greek, it is called Kýpros and Turkish Kıbrıs.

Located in western Syria and southern Turkey, Cyprus is an irregularly shaped island, extending about 225 km from Cape Andreas to the northeast at the western end (Cape Arnauati).

Where is the country of CYPRUS situated?

Cyprus Map

The Cypriot regions are called districts and are six in number:

District of Famagusta
Kyrenia District
Larnaca District
District of Limassol
District of Nicosia
District of Paphos

The maximum width of the island from Cape Gata in the south to Cape Kormakiti in the north is about 97 km. Cyprus is extended at its northeastern end by a narrow strip of land, the Carpas Peninsula, which extends eastward towards the Syrian coast. Made up largely of an unwooded interior plain called Mesorea (“between mountains” in Greek), the island is bounded to the north and south by mountain ranges. To the north, an uninterrupted rocky chain stretches from the Kyrenia Mountains to the Carpas Mountains, which rise to 1,019 m, while the Troödos Mountains, consisting of ultramafic rocks, cover most of the south-west of the island. It is a rugged chain with many steep cliffs. Its highest peak is Mount Olympus (1951 meters).

Cyprus enjoys a typical Mediterranean climate, with hot, dry summers and a cool, rainy season from October to March. The average annual temperature is 20.6 ° C, and the average annual precipitation is less than 500 mm.

Pine, cypress and cedar forests cover 18.8% of the total area of the island, mainly in mountainous areas. There are also plane trees, oaks, olive trees and carob trees; eucalyptus has been planted on a large scale as part of a reforestation program.

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