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* Where are the MARSHALL ISLANDS Located? [Marshall Islands Map]

Where is Marshall Islands Located?
Map of MARSHALL ISLANDS Location … Where are the Marshall Islands in the World?

Where is MARSHALL ISLANDS located on the map?

The Marshall Islands or Marshall, in long form the Republic of the Marshall Islands, is a state of Micronesia, whose independence was recognized in 1990.

This archipelago located in Oceania, east of the Caroline Islands, north-northwest of the Gilbert Islands, south and south-east of Wake and east-south-east of the Northern Mariana Islands, is formed volcanic islands and coral atolls; it became known around the world as a nuclear test site (overhead and underground) in the United States in the 1950s and 1960s.

Where is Marshall Islands located? The Marshall Islands, a little over a third of the distance between New Ireland (Papua New Guinea) and Hawaii, form an archipelago of 29 atolls and 5 islands, divided into two groups, the Ratak (” East “) and Ralik (” West “). Two-thirds of the population is concentrated in Majuro, where the capital Delap-Uliga-Darrit is located or in Ebeye. The outer islands are very sparsely populated because of lack of economic prospects.

The relief of the Marshall Islands is composed of coral limestone and sandy islands. The year has two seasons, a dry season from December to April, and a rainy season from May to November. The archipelago is located at the edge of the cyclone belt.

The Marshall Islands has a maritime boundary with the Federated States of Micronesia and Nauru and the Southwest and Kiribati in the South.

The country is made up of 30 atolls and about 1100 islands, the largest of which are two groups arranged in parallel chains: the Ratak (rising sun) chain consisting of eighteen main islands located to the east and where is located the administrative center Majuro; and the Ralik range (of the setting sun) consisting of fourteen islands to the west, including Bikini, Eniwetok and Kwajalein, the largest atoll in the world (including the inner lagoon).

Two-thirds of the country’s population live on Majuro Atoll, where the capital is, and on Ebeye. The outer islands are sparsely populated because of limited employment opportunities and economic development.

The climate of the Marshall Islands is hot and humid, with a rainy season from May to November. The islands are sometimes on the hurricane path.

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